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Podcast 1 Episode 1 - The Magic Slide

Podcast 2 Episode 2 - The Amazing Adventure

Podcast 3 Episode 1 - A Dangerous Dilemma

Tri Podding - the new way to tell a story

Move over Quad Blogging - Tri Podding is here!

​You may have heard about or even tried Quad Blogging and already recognise the huge benefits that it can have to your pupil's reading, writing and enthusiasm for creating subject matter for their audience.


'Tri Pods' are an exciting progression to the next level.

​This further develops your pupil's speaking and listening skills along with all of the rewards currently associated with blogging.

One application:

Together we make a series of podcasts where the pupils are encouraged to delve into the exciting realms of radio plays.


  • They will have the opportunity to explore the genre of short stories and how they are constructed.

  • Pupils will learn how to paint pictures in people's heads purely using sound.

  • We create a trio of podcasts with a twist.

  • The project looks at character creation and development, writing engaging stories, considering continuity, sound effect creation and editing skills.

  • This can be organised within your own school or it can be used to make contact and foster relationships with other schools.

This approach can be easily adapted to suit your purpose and the main types of writing found in Primary schools.


"Tri Podding" has already been used to great advantage and success in schools across Knowsley, Lancashire, Liverpool, St Helens And Wigan.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange your sessions.
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