Themed Activities

What's going to be on your menu?

Main Courses

Here are just a few titles to tempt you.

Space Travel

Explore rocket design using simulations, work as a team to solve problems. Research missions, create aliens, discover planets and see your group rocket launched high into the air.

Chinese New Year

Retell the story of the Animal race through animation, create informative magazines, make lanterns and dragons and explore the ancient art of 'Kirigami'.

Super Heroes

Link Science with Literacy. Create your own Super heroes an Villains. What special powers will they have? Consider materials and their properties, forces, weights and measures. Make a comic using onomatopoeic words.

Pop Art

Take a whole new look at some different artists, Roy Lichtenstein, Hockney, Warhol, SIr Peter Blake. Recreate the Beatles Sgt Pepper's Album cover with a twist.

Smile Safari

Take digital cameras around the school and find smiles in unusual places. Find images and objects that make you smile. Create your name using letters hidden where others may not see them.

Maths and Nature

Investigate the relationship between Maths and Nature. Discover the Fibonacci Sequence, Baravelle Spirals and the Golden Ratio. Symmetry, tesselation and Sierpinski's Triangles and Fractals. Sounds complicated but the shapes and patterns are amazing.

Tropical Rainforests

Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, a riot of colour and a complete assault on the senses. Create a smoothie bar, a chocolate bar, a healthy snack bar. Explore the incredible biodiversity and climate. Make masks in the style of Alexander Calder.


Come to the Circus

Roll Up Roll Up! From it's origins with the Gladiators in Rome to the colourful antics of the painted clowns and the dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment of Cirque du Soleil. There is something here for everyone.

Many other specialities are available - please ask if you can't see something that whets your appetite.

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