“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Archimedes c 287 BC - c 212 BC

Archimedes is talking about the concept of leverage, essentially through the proper use of appropriate tools you can do a lot more than you could through straight brute force methods.

By working together we can create bespoke plans which will enable you to select the most appropriate tools to enhance your pupils' learning experiences.

ICT in the Curriculum

Embedding ICT into other subject areas needn't be a headache. If you are contemplating a re-vamp or small adjustments to your long term plans or would like some ideas of how to make your curriculum more creative, then I can help.

The New Curriculum for 2014 has introduced some areas which people may feel concerned about. I have activities and sessions for all ages from Reception upwards which will help to demysify the logic behind 'algorithms' and programming.

Staff CPD

​Whether it is through one to one or group sessions the aim is to promote staff confidence in their use of new skills and technology in class and to improve their knowledge of how they can enhance everyday learning.

In Class Sessions

How about some demonstration sessions? Let your staff take a support role or mingle with the pupils, learning new skills alongside them in fun filled activities.


I have a treasure trove of tried and tested resources to cover virtually any area of the curriculum. If I haven't got what you are looking for then it can be created for you.


Let me know what you have in mind and I will provide you with a package of activities tailored to your requirements.

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