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City Eye

City Eye- Shadows is a series of dark and atmospheric books created to encourage reluctant older readers who are fans of science fiction. Shadows is set in the near future, where an alien invasion has left the Earth devastated and a mysterious organisation called The Firm hold power. The series follows the story of Matt Merton who works for the firm and is trained to identify and kill the Enemy - the aliens among us ... Another Mission for Matt Merton. The Enemy plan an attack on the City Eye. People on the ride will die. Can Matt get there first? Or will The Enemy win again?

My Gran Does Judo

What are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic versions of printed books which give pupils and teachers a new way of interacting with words and pictures on screen.

Because the book is digital, readers can scroll through and ‘turn the pages’ using their keyboard or mouse. Teachers (and pupils) can add notes or comprehension questions, highlight key words and make annotations that can be shared.


eBooks and Reluctant Readers

Schools have seen the benefits of using eBooks to engage struggling and reluctant readers – particularly boys. The increased functionality allows pupils to interact more fully with the text and the reading experience becomes more personal and certainly more relevant for young ‘digital natives’.

Go Wild

Magic Mates:
Go Wild- The Magic Mates series of high interest age, low reading age books has been created specifically to encourage girls to get reading. The series features a group of six girls doing girls' stuff - hanging out, keeping each other out of mischief and having some spooky adventures. An adventure park may be a dream birthday treat for Ginger, but it’s Ellie’s worst nightmare come true. You really find out who your friends are when you’re stuck up a tree, and it’s a long, scary way down...

The Big Match

Kids & Co:

When Gran decides to give up judo, everyone in Sam;s family is happy. But will their happiness last?

Mystery Mob:
The Big Match- It's the Cup Final, but Rob and Lee have more on their minds than just football. Someone has stolen the FA Cup! Can the boys save the day?
The Mystery Mob series has been created specifically to encourage boys to get reading and to support teachers with paired and guided reading sessions.
The books have been written by Roger Hurn, bestselling author and primary school teacher, and feature a gang of boys getting into scrapes as they investigate strange mysteries!


How can I use eBooks in my school?

    Use on the whiteboard and/or laptops or netbooks for guided reading sessions

    Create exciting Podcasts and Blogs
    Network for independent and group reading on desktops, laptops or even hand-held devices
    Add to your school’s VLE or network for pupils to access independently at home or in the library

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