Case Studies

Making ICT Cross Curricular and meaningful doesn't have to be a problem.

These are some examples of work done with pupils.

It took remarkably little input for a massive amount of learning to take place

Leonardo Da Vinci 

Was he a Genius or a Time Traveller?

Have you ever wondered how to make teaching fractions, ratio and proportion easier and more interesting?

Look no further than the great Leonardo Da Vinci and his exploration of the ancient Vitruvian Man diagram.

The students compare their own personal measurements to that of the Vitruvian Man theory.

By using the IT tools in Smart Notebook and other techniques we can demonstrate and illustrate Leanoardo's theory that " is the measure of all things...."

Use technology to bring the past into the present. Make non standard units relevant. With Smart Notebook and digital photography you can explore a practical hands on and fascinating look at this often difficult to teach concept.


Can Simulations Help us to Understand the Past?

Castles have a special fascination for many people whether it is King Arthur, Harry Potter, Cinderella or one of the many excellent examples found around the World.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the real thing on their doorstep but by using ICT the pupils can gain an insight into the exciting world of knights, heraldry, moats and mangonels.

The pupils learn about problem solving and some quite advanced mathematical concepts without realising it. There is also an opportunity to introduce some foreign language work through the Heraldry.

From Archimedes to Automation.

The Greeks and Control Technology

So what did the Greeks bring to the world of control?

It didn’t take too much research to find the amazing ‘Archimedes’ -  Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer and Inventor. He is credited with designing many innovative machines including siege engines and screw pumps.
This started me thinking about where we could further investigate the use of levers and linkages, plus the links we could make with Design and Technology, Displacement Theory, Programmable Toys and Greek Mythology

Machines were created to make work easier and we used ours to enhance our understanding of

what the Greeks did for us.​

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